Monday, April 30, 2007

Solving global warming – doing something

Well, it’s here – global warming has begun to shape our lives – droughts, hottest days since records began, polar ice melting, glaciers receding, ski slopes full of grass!

And although it probably can’t be stopped, we can all make sure we do everything we can to slow it – we owe that much to our children and their children.

Individually, we might be forgiven for feeling powerless, in the face of massive industrial plants in China and elsewhere producing millions of tonnes of carbon as we speak.
Still, I reckon we are not powerless, if we act together. Thinking positively and acting positively can go some way to saving our planet from burning up.

All it requires is thought, and a mindset of economy – savings to save, if you see what I mean.

We can act in every area of our lives – eating, drinking, shopping, relaxing, driving, even emailing and using the phone – and we can do something even while we are asleep.

Eating less meat will make us healthier and reduce methane production, as well as reducing all that goes on to rear the animal and bring the products of grass further up the food chain. Buying locally produced products reduces the need for transportation of imports – they are expensive – for the planet!

Drinking cold drinks means using less electricity, drinking milk or just water rather than factory produced canned drinks cuts out the need for factories.

Whilst shopping, take cloth bags instead of relying on being given lots and lots of poly bags – they are a waste of our energy, and our energy comes from burning fossil fuels – producing carbon – which is expensive – for the planet.

Relaxing at home – read more, turn off the TV, take exercise – that will relax you more than being a veggie in front of the box!

Drive slower – that will save lives as well as saving the planet – it may even save yours some day.

Keep your car maintained – do the simple stuff like keeping correct pressure in your tires – car pool when you can, walk when you can’t – use buses more, use trains if you can – stay home more.

Using the phone less must save something – radio waves hitting your grey matter – the need to charge batteries – save it all, don’t use it as much. Telling people what they already know is one think you can stop for a start.

And there are general things you can do in the home – hang wet clothes out to dry – use energy efficient light bulbs – and switch off at source when you’ve finished using it. It makes sense and is doing your bit for our Earth and for our kids and their kids!
Robert L. Fielding


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