Friday, August 31, 2007

Use all your intelligence

Using words and numbers, answer the following ten questions. Have fun. Tell me how you worked out the right answer.

1. Susan walked three miles in one hour. She had to slow down to two miles per hour. She returned at two miles per hour.
What was her average speed?

2. Hassan took six hours to fly to Pluto, in Tierra del Fuego, at 2,000 miles per hour. He hit a head wind on the way back and could only fly at 1,000 miles per hour.
What was his average speed?

3. Unscramble each word below and then form a grammatical sentence about Tom with the words you have found. What is the sentence?

4. Sally likes liquorice jelly beans, but not vanilla or lemon. She gets a packet of 15 jelly beans, 5 of each flavour. How many jelly beans does she have to remove before she can guarantee getting a liquorice jelly bean?

5. In a contest to collect bags of clothing for charity, Patty was neither first not last, but she beat Jan. Rachel beat Sue. Sue beat Patty. Sally beat Rachel.
Who collected the most clothing?

6. Take one letter from each word to form the name of an animal. What is the name of the animal?

7. Jim is three times as old as Jane was two years ago. In 10 years, Jane will be as old as Jim is now.
How old are they now?

8. At a hairdresser’s one busy Saturday, the staff found there were 10 blondes. One fourth of the customers had red hair, and half had brown hair. How many customers were in the hairdresser’s that Saturday?

9. In one year, Roy will be three times as old as he was 19 years ago. How old is he now?

10.If six painters can paint 12 walls in 30 minutes, working at the same speed, how long will it take two painters to paint 16 walls?

Answers later!


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