Friday, October 05, 2007

Online help with your English

Virtual Tutors

BBC Writing Lab Virtual Tutor - a superb site with lots of help for students + the online virtual tutor, which happens to be closed during vacation time at British universities. -

Writing Lab -

English as a second language – an amazing website with links to anything a student could possibly need. -

Guide to Grammar and Style -

I-tools – a search engine to locate tools online -

Writing in the English language – test your written English:-

This is a free writing exercise for learners of English as a second and foreign language. To take part you will need to watch a short film and then write a short review of your reaction to the film; how you felt while you were watching and when the film had finished. The film changes to a different film every few weeks, so bookmark this page and do the exercise again at a later date. Your review should be sent here where it will be read and assessed by one of our English teachers; and then returned to you by email.
To have your written work assessed and corrected for grammar, spelling and vocabulary use for free, just follow these simple instructions:
I - Turn up the sound on your computer. The sound quality is poor so and it's important that you can hear the film
II - Watch the film
III - Write your review (in under 50 words!) and send us your work.
IV - Wait for the corrected version to be returned to you via email.
Robert L. Fielding


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